Christmas Cat Faces Kraft Gift Wrapping Paper

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Your gift is the next to be unwrapped and everyone is oohing and ahhing over how cute and unique and wonderfully marvelous the wrapping paper is... so much so that you're not sure if the recipient will actually unwrap it or if she thinks that the wrapped box is the actual gift. Finally, she starts the unwrapping process, taking special care not to tear it, all the while exclaiming again over the magnificent design and substantial feel of the paper. When she sees the gift, she thanks you quickly and goes back to discussing the wrapping paper and what she wants to do with it... line her drawers, frame it, paper her wall with it... you make a mental note to buy her a roll for herself.

Choose from Made on Terra's many other wonderful Kraft gift wrap rolls.
  • 1 roll that measures 3' x 6'
  • Made of premium printed Kraft paper

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