Summer crafts for kids

Created Date: Jul 28,2016

With the end of summer break around the corner and school starting soon, there are only a few weeks left of keeping the kids occupied at home. That’s why we’ve created this list of fun summer crafts for you and your youngsters. 

Take blowing bubbles to whole new level with this DIY bubble blower

Let your young artist add to your home’s decor with this stained glass vase tutorial

Magnet marbles are an easy craft that the kids can customize to fit their own unique personalities. 

More magnet fun is in store with these adorable clothes pin plane magnets

If you have an excess of broken crayons around the house, try this recycled crayon craft

Do your young ones love Angry Birds, but you want them to reduce their screen time? These Angry Bird cans are the answer!

Personalized coloring pages from your favorite photos are just a click away with this quick photoshop tutorial. 

You don’t have to wait until next year’s fourth of July for these homemade paper lanterns.  Make them in any color for any occasion all year round!

Fab crabs are land-locked ocean lovers’ favorite fake critter. 

Speaking of pretend pets, check out these cute beaded caterpillars

Make finger painting sweet with adorable handprint strawberries

If you plan to give any of these cute crafts as gifts, be sure to check out our gift wrap, gift tags, and gift boxes. Happy crafting!


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