National Bookmobile Day

Created Date: Apr 12,2017

This week is widely-recognized as National Library Week, being celebrated with the theme “Libraries Transform.” In addition to that, today is also observed as National Bookmobile Day. Bookmobiles—though their popularity has declined over the years—continue to bring the library on the road. In doing this, those who don’t have regular access to a standard library now have books galore at their fingertips.

For example, the Seattle Public Library has a pilot program called Books on Bikes, which brings the library services to community events in the area. Another example is a nonprofit service in Portland, Oregon called Street Books. They travel around the city via a bicycle-powered cart to lend books to those without a home.

Bookmobiles definitely take the theme “Libraries Transform” to heart. Ever since the concept of a “portable library” was coined near the end of the 19th century, with a horse-drawn carriage, they have evolved into traveling vehicles, sometimes even offering WiFi and other services.

Where will reading take you?